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Czech-Japanese Online Seminar on the Introduction of an Innovated Laser Balloon Catheter

On November 11, a live transmission seminar took place in Na Homolce Hospital, during which the arrhythmology team of prof. Petr Neužil shared their experience with Japanese colleagues with the introduction of an innovated laser balloon catheter with robotic movement.

It is one of the methods that has an immediate and long-term effect in patients with atrial fibrillation, which is the most common arrhythmia, occurring in almost two percent of the population. Our hospital has the highest count of procedures with a balloon catheter in the world, so this seminar is organised by us.

The Japanese Heart Rhythm Society is the guarantor of the online seminar.

Due to the current epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic, visits to all wards are prohibited from 18 September 2020 until further notice. In severe cases, a patient visit is possible after consultation with the attending physician. We implement this measure in order to ensure the safety of patients and hospital staff. Thank you for understanding.

If a coronavirus disease is suspected, contact your general practitioner. More information will be provided by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic on the infoline 224 972 222 or by the National Institute of Public Health at 724 810 106 and 725 191 367.

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