Department of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine

Head of Department: Ivan Hadraba, MD


Activities of the Department

The Department provides comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic care to restore maximum physical abilities of disabled patients within its basic specialisation. The care is provided both to inpatients of the Department, to inpatients of other specialized inpatient units and to outpatients.

Another type of specialized care includes orthopedic-prosthetic treatment. It is provided to all patients of the hospital by physicians of the Department in cooperation with external prosthetic and orthotic centres.

Organizational units of the Department

The Department is part of the therapeutic and preventive care section. It has an outpatient unit and an inpatient ward with 10 beds. These are provided to the Department by other departments - Neurosurgery, Vascular Surgery, Neurology and Gynaecology. The outpatient unit consists of surgeries of rehabilitation physicians, a hydrotherapy room, rooms for physiotherapy and physical therapy.


Staff (in terms of FTEs)

  • Physicians: 6
  • Head physiotherapist: 1
  • Physiotherapists: 30
  • Occupational therapists: 2
  • Nursing staff: 4
  • Paramedic staff: 3
  • Masseurs/masseuses: 2
  • Administrative staff: 3


Performance overview

  • Number of outpatient physician interventions: 32,107
  • Number of other staff interventions: 83,612
  • Number of other inpatient staff interventions: 122,870
  • Total: 238,589
  • Number of patients admitted to the inpatient unit of the Department of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine: 196


Changes / new events in the previous year


  • In the course of 2017, the number of exercise rooms for physiotherapists increased by 1 room. At the same time, a new outpatient surgery for an outpatient physician has been opened.
  • On the basis of a filed request, the accreditation for specialized education in the field has been prolonged.
  • The Department continued two important projects initiated in cooperation with the Departments of ENT, Surgery and Urology and with external facilities: 1) Treatment of urinary incontinence in women and treatment of urinary incontinence in men after prostatectomy; 2) Comprehensive rehabilitation treatment of voice disorders – voice rehabilitation and re-education. Examination of the voice field by a device developed in the R&D laboratory of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, electrostimulation treatment of vocal cord disorders.
  • Using our own inpatient part of the Department, the cooperation in the care for patients of the Department of Vascular Surgery after amputations has been extended.
  • A range of care has been extended by preventive exercising for direct payment.
  • A system of application forms has been introduced for physiotherapy and occupational therapy on beds of other departments.
  • The Department held the 8th conference for physicians of rehabilitation and physical medicine, as well as other special disciplines, and for physiotherapists in December.
  • In the course of the year, expert seminars for physiotherapists and physicians were organized in cooperation with external lecturers.


Development perspectives for 2018

The main perspective is that of integrating all inpatient capacities into one facility and establishing a single inpatient unit with its own nursing staff.

Further plans include:

  • Hiring new physicians and physiotherapists to fill in vacant positions in accordance with the staff guideline
  • Organization of the 8th conference of physicians and physiotherapists specialized in rehabilitation and physical medicine and other disciplines
  • Organization of further specialized workshops for physiotherapists and physicians in cooperation with external lecturers
  • Education of physicians without specialisation in rehabilitation and physical medicine, prepare them for successful passing of the postgraduate examination