Welcome to Na Homolce Hospital

  • We provide health services in all areas of medicine
  • We are specialists in diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems
  • We offer the latest diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • We utilize the fastest and most comfortable diagnostic and therapeutic methods
  • Our specialists are experts in their field

Na Homolce Hospital is a renowned institution providing comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients with diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, especially the brain and spinal cord. Part of this care is also the treatment of diseases and injuries of the spine. In addition to these specialties, we offer our patients a wide range of services in the fields of general surgery, orthopedics, urology, gynecology, internal medicine, and others.

All members of our medical team provide comprehensive care, focused on ascertaining a precise diagnosis of your condition and comprehensive treatment, whether surgical, interventional or conservative and, if necessary, subsequent rehabilitation.

Na Homolce Hospital holds the prestigious JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation. We meet approximately 1500 quality indicators, which shows that we pay continuous and consistent attention to the needs and rights of our patients, their safety and treatment. This small hospital guide will help answer basic questions that you or your loved ones may have in connection with your hospitalization. Please take a few moments to read this guide before beginning your treatment. I wish you a fast recovery.