• We provide health care in all medical specialties
  • We specialize in cardio-vascular diseases and diseases of the nervous system
  • We offer state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment procedures, some of them unique in the country
  • For diagnosis and treatment, we use most up-to-date technologies which are as minimally invasive and as comfortable as possible for our patients
  • Our physicians are professionals in their respective fields

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The hope for the people with Parkinson disease

The treatment by Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) helps Czech patients since 29 years ago. The Center for Intervention Therapy of Motoric Disorder (i TEMPO) in Prague connects the physicians from Clinic of Neurology 1st. Faculty of Medicine Charles University as well as from the Departement of Stereotactical and Radiation Neurosurgery at the Homolka Hospital. Just in this Centre the woman with Parkinson disease underwent in February the DBS treatment, oriented towads a new region of the brain, as a first treatment in the Czech Republic.