Your Comfort


  • Your everyday food is prepared by an experienced team in the hospital kitchen lead by the chef. A nutritional therapist prepares the menu and, if necessary, also any special diets as required by your treating physician. He/she inspects the procedures during meal preparation and dispensing. Diet is an important factor in your treatment; therefore, we recommend that it is observed. If needed, there is a designated refrigerator in the department that you can use. It is not possible to warm any meals you bring to the department.


  • A cafeteria on the 5th floor next to the central medical record room offers snacks and a selection of warm and cold beverages. Additionally, you and anybody visiting you are kindly invited to have your meals in a pleasant hospital canteen and a café on the 1st floor in the main building offering a wide selection of warm and cold meals, salads, deserts and beverages. Patients with diets are asked to consult the use of these catering services with their treating physicians.


  • A phone booth is provided on the 5th floor in front of the central medical record room where you can make calls using a card with regular tariffs of TELEFÓNICA O2. The Na Homolce Hospital also provides phone rental services to be used in your room. A daily rental fee plus the payment for any calls that you make is charged for the service. You can of course use your own cell phone while in the hospital.