Other specializations

In addition to the neurological, neurosurgical and cardiovascular and complementary diagnostic departments, the Na Homolce Hospital has 6 in-patient and 8 specialized out-patient departments as well. These include the Anesthesia, Internal Medicine, ENT, Oncology departments and the departments of Psychiatry and Department of Clinical Psychology which play an important role in providing professional and counseling services and help in the implementation of our key programs. Further, the hospital provides a number of specialized care programs in its in-patient departments, such as gastroenterology, pulmonary endoscopy and treatment, general surgery, orthopedics, urology, gynecological surgery and urological gynecology, endometriosis treatment and comprehensive surgery of the head and neck. For all specialized surgical treatments, minimally invasive techniques are preferred and selected procedures are performed using a state-of-the-art robotically-assisted surgical facility Da Vinci Xi. The following departments provide only out-patient care: clinical oncology, allergology and clinical immunology, children´s and adolescents´ department, sexually transmitted disease, ophthalmology, psychiatry, clinical psychology and dentistry.

  • General surgery program
  • Orthopedic program
  • Urology program
  • Gynecologic surgery and urological gynecology program
  • Program for comprehensive treatment of endometriosis
  • Program for comprehensive surgery of the head and neck
  • Program for sleeping disorder treatment
  • Program for pulmonary endoscopy