Neurosurgery (NCH)

Head of Department: Jan Klener, MD

Department of Neurosurgery at Na Homolce Hospital was founded in 1990, and within two years grew to its present size of 65 beds, 8 of which are intensive and 12 semi-intensive. The Department of Neurosurgery performed over 2,000 operations annually and an additional 11,000 patients treated on an outpatient basis.

The Department of Neurosurgery at Na Homolce Hospital is currently, with regard to quantity of patients treated and certainly quality of service, ranked number one in the Czech Republic and provides comprehensive neurosurgical treatment for all types of neurological diseases indicated for surgery.

Our cooperation with the Department of Stereotactic and Radioneurosurgery (Gamma Knife) offers us a unique position in the treatment of some complicated cases. As Na Homolce Hospital enjoys a high level radiodiagnostic and other investigative methods including PET (positron emission tomography), our department is able to perform even the most complex investigations.

Regarding neurosurgical treatment, we focus on the treatment of all types of brain tumors and have also conducted an entirely new experimental method in the treatment of malignant glioma. Our department has extensive experience in the surgical treatment of epilepsy, in which we cooperate with the Department of Neurology at Na Homolce Hospital and other neurological sites. Together with the Department of Radiology we address some complex cerebrovascular diseases (occlusion of cerebral aneurysms, vascular malformations, and others). We perform all types of spinal operations in all segments of the spine, and are pioneers in fixation operations.

In 2008-2009, the operation complex was reconstructed and included the installation of a new MRI scanner directly connected to the operating room (intraoperative MRI - ioMRI). This enables the rapid acquisition of additional images and improves the quality of surgery and patient safety. The operating complex with the adjacent specialized 8-bed neurosurgical intensive care unit, as wells as ioMRI, places the Department of Neurosurgery at Na Homolce Hospital among the best equipped in Europe.

Jan Klener, MD

Head of Neurosurgery