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  • We specialize in cardio-vascular diseases and diseases of the nervous system
  • We offer state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment procedures, some of them unique in the country
  • For diagnosis and treatment, we use most up-to-date technologies which are as minimally invasive and as comfortable as possible for our patients
  • Our physicians are professionals in their respective fields

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First deep brain stimulation in Czechia was performed 20 years ago

Today, I has been 20 years since a new treatment using deep brain stimulation was successfully introduced in the Na Homolce Hospital. This was done in cooperation with the Department of Neurology of the 1st Medical School, Charles University, and General Teaching Hospital in Prague. This department presently continues to administer the Center for Intervention Therapy of Mobility Disorders (iTEMPO). On March 26, 1998, a stimulation electrode was implanted into the brain of a patient who suffered from essential tremor. The lifetime of a stimulation electrode (stimulator) is approximately 5 years. Since then, almost 300 patients have had stimulators placed or exchanged. Approximately 1000 stimulator implantations and subsequent re-implantations have been performed.


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