Premium care


  • These rooms are available for a daily fee in accordance with the price list of premium services of the Na Homolce Hospital.
  • Nursing staff or the secretariat of the respective department will provide you with information on available room types in individual departments.
  • If you don´t have any special diet prescribed to you by your treating physician you can order an all-day exclusive menu for an even- or odd-numbered week that was prepared by kitchen staff of the Na Homolce Hospital.

Exclusive menu

  • A daily fee in accordance with the price list for premium services of the Na Homolce Hospital is charged for an all-day exclusive menu consisting of three main meals, a snack and supper.
  • Orders for the exclusive menu have to be placed before 3:00 p.m. previous day with a nurse in the department. Information on the exclusive menu is provided by a nurse or at the secretariat of the department where you can consult the menu.
  • For those who are not interested in the exclusive menu standard all-day hospital catering is available that is covered by your health insurance company.