Easy to read

  • Welcome to Hospital Na Homolce.
  • We use the abbreviation NNH and we call ourselves Homolka.

Who are we?

Na Homolce Hospital and you can find us in the capital city of Prague.

Phone contacts:

  • Information: +420 257 271 111 - this will transfer you to the department you want to reach.

Do you need help quickly?

  • Are you in a lot of pain, bleeding heavily or injured? Call the ambulance (rapid ambulance service) on 155 or the emergency number 112!


  • Roentgenova 37/2, 150 30 Prague 5

Which way to us?

By metro and bus

  • By metro (green line A) and bus No. 167 (direction Hospital Na Homolce) and No. 168 (direction Bílá Hora) - station Hospital Na Homolce - entrance to the main building on the 5th floor.
  • By metro (yellow line B) and bus number 167 from the station Na Knížecí (direction Hospital Na Homolce) - station Sídliště Homolka - easy access through the lower gatehouse to the wards on the first floor of the hospital or to various examinations near the main hospital building - magnetic resonance, gamma knife, PET center.

By car

  • Parking directly in the hospital is limited. There are few parking spaces and there are charges for parking. Only those with a disabled person's card and a car with a disabled person's card do not pay.

How to find your way around the hospital?

  • To help you find your way around our hospital, we have lots of information signs, arrows and coloured lines on the floor to guide you to the lift - orange, green, yellow and white.
  • There is information and staff at the main entrance on the 5th floor to give you directions to your doctor or appointment. If it's your first time at the hospital, look for the large sign that says CENTRAL CART.
  • The Central Records Office is the window where you register for your appointment when you first visit us. You need to have your ID, insurance card.

What do we do?

  • We treat sick people - patients - in the hospital. They come to us for various examinations. If they are very sick or need to have an operation, they stay with us for several days and we take good care of them all day.

Who takes care of the patients?

  • Doctors, nurses and nursing staff. You can tell them by their clothes. The patients are well cooked by our cooks.

Why do people come to the hospital?

  • With common illnesses like strep throat or flu, you go to your doctor, whom you know well. But sometimes you have other, less common illnesses or problems, so your doctors need to send you to hospital. They will give you a paper - a referral form - which you bring to us.
  • Other doctors will take you to the hospital. They will talk to you first to find out what is bothering you and usually send you for further tests in the hospital building.
  • Sometimes the doctors may decide that you need to have an operation. They will plan the date with you and you will find out from the nurses exactly what to do and where to go.
  • If you are very sick, hurt or your medication is not working, you will call an ambulance to take you to the right hospital.

What wards we have:

  • Patients have different illnesses and each illness has a doctor who knows a lot about it.
  • We have all the important departments in our hospital to help as many people as possible.
  • We mainly focus on diseases of the heart, blood vessels and nervous system (brain, spinal cord, nerves).
  • Here you can find all the clinics and departments. You can find the department you are looking for more quickly by clicking on the initial letter of the department name. For example: looking for the department of neurology - click on the window with the letter N.

Is there a pharmacy in the hospital?

  • There is a pharmacy on the 5th floor near the main entrance, which is where you go to get your prescription from the doctor. You can not only pick up your medication there, but also buy various vitamins, ointments, creams, patches or a respirator.
  • The pharmacy is marked with a big green cross
  • The contact details for the pharmacy are here.

When should you go to the hospital?

  • Go through the main entrance to the 5th floor where there is an office with a sign that says Central Receiving.
  • There we will help you fill in a form and show you the way to the ward.
  • You will find out everything you need to know on the day you come into hospital.

Your stay in hospital

What do you need to bring if you will be in hospital for more than one day?

  •     ID card
  •     your health insurance card
  •     medication
  •     toiletries, towel
  •     pyjamas
  •     bathrobe
  •     slippers
  •     crutches, canes, glasses, hearing aid - if you have them and need them
  •     a phone and charger if you want to carry one

What does it look like in the hospital rooms?

  • You have your own bed. You're in a room with other patients.
  • You are well looked after: you get breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner.
  • A doctor or doctor's assistant talks to you every day and nurses look after you.
  • You receive medication and nurses accompany you to various examinations and medical procedures - operations.
  • The room is warm, clean and safe.
  • You will find out everything you need to know on the day you enter the hospital.

If I stay in the hospital, can I have visitors?

  • Yes, you can have visitors while you are in hospital.

What is forbidden to have in my hospital room?

  • guns, knives, animals, alcohol

Do you have any more questions?

Call our switchboard, we will be happy to help you. Phone: +420 257 271 111.

You can also find lots of things on our website: www.homolka.cz.