Your room

There are hospital rooms with three beds, two beds and one bed. Each room has its own bathroom. Three-bed and double rooms are standard accommodations. Single rooms and luxury double rooms in some departments are premium accommodation provided for a fee if required (see Premium services).

Clothing and personal belongings

  • There is a closet in your room to place your clothing while you are in the hospital. Alternatively, staff members can store your personal belongings in assigned department areas.
  • Personal items for everyday use may be stored in the table next to the bed.

Valuables, money

  • You may deposit your valuables and money in the secretariat of the department where you are hospitalized. You will receive a receipt that you have to present to obtain your belongings at discharge. The hospital shall not be responsible for any loss of freely accessible items, not stored as required. It is forbidden to bring arms into the hospital.


  • Your treating physician will prescribe all medicines that you need during you hospital stay and they will be administered by a nurse. If you use medicines to treat your specific disease please bring them with you and give them to a nurse upon arrival to the department. Your treating physician will add them to the medicines administered to you during your treatment in the hospital. As it is imperative that your overall treatment is coordinated please do not use any medicines during your hospital stay that you failed to mention to your treating physician. Please be certain to inform your treating physician of ALL medications that you take at home – even Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. Nurses will administer all necessary medicines in required doses and at the correct time point.

Stop smoking

  • This is a non-smoking hospital. It is forbidden to smoke on all the premises of the Na Homolce Hospital, with the exception of a designated outside space on the 2nd floor!
  • Smoking is generally considered to be a risk factor for the development of a number of diseases. As a healthcare institution whose mission is to prevent and treat diseases and educate to lead a healthy way of life, the Na Homolce Hospital promotes smoking ban on all hospital premises, with the exception of a designated outside space on the 2nd floor.

Daily regime

  • Daily regime during your hospital stay is determined by the protocol in the particular department in which you will stay. This will be provided to you upon admission.

Discharge – education materials – education

You will be informed about the date of discharge by your treating physician who will also provide you with instructions on any further treatment, if necessary, and prepare a Discharge Summary for the referring physician. If you deposited your valuables or money in the department do not forget to collect them bringing the receipt.