Basic information on building accessibility

Na Homolce Hospital (NNH)
Roentgenova 37, 150 00 Prague 5
+420 257 271 111

The premises of the Na Homolce Hospital consist of three buildings open to the public: the main building of the monoblock, which houses the central patient reception, patient records, examination rooms, theatres and inpatient areas of individual departments, as well as the PET centre and the congress centre for patients of the gamma knife and magnetic resonance department.


  • There is dedicated parking for people with disabilities, specifically six parking spaces in the central parking lot of the hospital at the main entrance to 5. NP, three parking spaces in front of the dialysis department on 2. Access to the building from the car parks is wheelchair accessible.

Note: In 2024, the hospital plans to provide a dedicated parking stall for persons with disabilities in front of the PET building and the MRI entrance building.

Public transport

  • At the northern part of the monoblock there is a bus stop for public transport buses No. 167 and 168 called "Nemocnice na Homolce", which offers a connection to the metro line A. The route from this stop to the building is wheelchair accessible. For the south-western entrance to the monoblock building and the entrance to the PET Centre and Congress Centre (MR examination, GAMA), there is a bus stop called 'Sídliště Homolka' (Homolka Housing Estate) in the vicinity of the entrance gate, which connects bus No 167 with the metro line B. The entrance to the building is also wheelchair accessible from this stop.


  • The main entrance to the monoblock is located in the northern part of the building at 5. NP and leads directly from the sidewalk of the bus stop. The entrance door is an automatic double-leaf door with a passage width of 145 cm. The entrance to the building is without steps or ramps and leads directly to the reception desk where information on orientation around the building can be requested, including the provision of any necessary escorts. An alternative wheelchair accessible entrance to the monoblock building is located on the 1st floor on the west side with automatic double doors with a passage width of 130 cm. There are currently no acoustic directional beacons at the entrances, which the hospital plans to install during 2024.

Movement around the building

  • The monoblock building has a total of nine floors and several staircases without lifting platforms. The staircases have lifts connecting all floors. There are sufficiently large handling areas (min. 150 x 150 cm) in front of the entrance to the lifts. The lifts are not through-elevators, the call buttons at the entry points are currently located at a height of approx. 140 cm, however, during 2024 we plan to place the buttons at a reduced height of 80-120 cm. The call buttons are marked in Braille and embossed. An optical announcement system is installed at the boarding points and the lifts have a sufficient car size (min. 100 x 130 cm). Inside the car there is a control panel with buttons at a height of approx. 95 cm, the buttons are accompanied by an embossed/Braille description. Other equipment in the lift cabins includes mirrors, folding seats, handrails, acoustic direction indicators and floor markings, information panel showing the location of the lift on each floor, induction loops with symbol, emergency call buttons with intercom with acoustic function. Leveling steps/staircases are not needed due to the frequency of lifts.

Indoor facilities

  • Information desk - reception is located at the main entrance to the monoblock building at 5. NP. Acoustic beacons and guide lines are not currently available in the building, however their installation is planned during 2024. The reception desk can be requested to provide any necessary escort around the building, which will be provided by the medical staff on call. As part of the information and navigation system, the building is equipped with information panels and signs on each floor, as well as coloured guide lines on the ground corresponding to the colours of the lifts.

Client area

  • There are client counters in the building at a height of approximately 100 cm, and classic desks at the central reception area at a height of 75 cm.

Note: The hospital plans to implement the lowered counters, guide lines, induction loops during 2024 and 2025.

Call system

  • There is a paging system/waiting list in the facility. The paging equipment is accessible to a person in a wheelchair at 130 cm height, but does not yet have voice output.

 Note: The hospital plans to upgrade the paging system during 2024.

Hygiene facilities

  • In the building from the northern part to 5. There is a freely accessible toilet behind the central filing cabinet at the main entrance to the monoblock building. This can also be used after entering the building from the south and west side on the 1st floor of the monoblock building, in the area between the cardiology and paediatric outpatient clinics. The toilets are freely accessible, lockable only from the inside, visibly marked with a sign and symbol on the door, and accessible directly from the corridor/anteroom. The cubicle of an accessible toilet shall be at least 160 x 160 cm, the door width shall be 90 cm and the door shall open outwards. Inside the accessible toilet there shall be a bowl with a seat at a height of 50 cm, a fixed and folding handle, a large washbasin, a mirror, an emergency alarm control.

Note: The hospital is undergoing a phased renovation of the public restrooms starting in 2023, with completion expected by 2024, including the addition of features such as changing tables.