Entrust us with your pain

You do not have to endure pain

Most patients worry about experiencing pain during their hospital stay. Modern care enables us to largely eliminate or reduce pain to a tolerable level. The reduction and elimination of pain is an important component of the effective treatment of your condition. Successful pain management is based on good patient-doctor communication. Communicating any pain that you may be experiencing allows us to adjust your treatment and bring you real relief.

You do not have to suffer in silence. Entrust us with your pain.
Tell us as soon as possible what kind of pain you have and how intense it is.
This is the best way to effectively help you.

Being communicative about pain is very important for your recovery. Among other things, pain may limit your movement, be physically and mentally exhausting, and disrupt your recovery during the healing process. Inadequately treated pain can increase the risk of complications associated with your procedures and subsequent recovery.

We will ask you how strong your pain is. The visual-analogue scale helps us to determine the severity of your pain, according to which you yourself rate the severity of your pain. The scale has ten points, each of which includes a description of the pain (see below). We will also identify the location, onset, and duration of the pain and any changes. The determination of your level of pain, relief after the administration of medication, and other feelings associated with pain allows us to propose pain management strategies that will meet your needs.

Please inform a nurse or doctor immediately if you are in pain!
Do not hesitate to ask if you need more information.
We are here to help you.