Department of Psychiatry

Senior physician: Jaroslava Skopová, MD


Activities of the Department

The Department provides diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive psychiatric care to polyclinic patients, patients of the department for foreign nationals, patients using other hospital programmes, and consulting services in the hospital. The Department cooperates with physicians in all fields, inter alia within the programme of comprehensive pain management, it assesses patients with severe forms of obsessive-compulsive disorder at the Department of Stereotactic and Radiation Neurosurgery which is the only facility performing the stereotactic neurosurgical interventions of such patients.

Basic data:

  • 1 outpatient unit
  • 1 physician (1.0 FTE) with I and II degree Postgraduate Certificate in psychiatry and function specialization in systemic psychotherapy
  • 1 nurse (1.0 FTE)
  • Total number of examinations – 2,919, of which 108 were new patients forwho m initial examinations were performed
  • Number of consulting sessions70

Evaluation of clinical activities

Given the limited capacity represented only by one position of psychiatric (1 FTE), the clinical activities of the Department remained the same. The focus is on comprehensive diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive psychiatric care, respecting hospital priorities. The patients who cannot be admitted for treatment due to the lack of capacity are referred to care of other departments of psychiatry. The physician cooperates with other inpatient psychiatry departments in Prague where patients indicated for hospitalization are referred to, as well as with community service centres which receive patients with severe mental disorders and impaired functional abilities.

Membership in professional societies and teaching activities

The physician is a member of the Czech Psychiatric Society of J. E. Purkyně, the Czech Society of Neuropsychopharmacology and the Society of Biological Psychiatry. She is also a member of the specialization committee of the Scientific Council of the Czech Medical Chamber for psychiatry. She also presents lectures at workshops of hospital departments, workshops of the Department of Psychiatry of the General Teaching Hospital and the 1st School of Medicine, Charles University, Association of General Practitioners, etc.

Development perspectives for 2018

The aim is to maintain the current high quality of the provided care and economic results. As the Na Homolce Hospital is a highly specialized hospital where psychiatry, as one of the basic fields of current medicine, is only a complementary discipline ensuring a comprehensive range of provided healthcare services, no further development is possible under the current staff situation.