Department of Cardiology

Head of Department: Prof. Neužil Petr, MD, CSc., FESC

The clinical activities of the Department cover a wide range of preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic care provided to patients with diseases of the heart and blood vessels or who have an increased risk of these diseases. As in previous years, the Department continued to cover all individual specialized areas in 2017.

Welcome to the Department of Cardiology

Petr Neuzil - Kardiologie Nemocnice na Homolce

The Department of Cardiology is part the Cardiocenter at Na Homolce Hospital. Our department was one of the first independent departments to cover the wide spectrum of all subspecialties concerning cardiovascular diseases, and has been since 1990. In the past decade our department has evolved to apply the latest technologies currently available in cardiovascular medicine. Incorporating the latest advances in medicine to our procedures has not only been highly effective, but also has improved patient safety. We have a highly educated team of cardiologists, working as a team with emphasis on the most open communication with patients possible.

Since 2007, our department has applied two types of robotic catheterization techniques together with modern imaging methods. We then first in the Republic, where the technology offers patients a new, safer and friendlier diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. At the time, we were the first center in the Czech Republic to offer patients a new, safer and friendlier option in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.

We focus on highly specialized treatments of cardiac arrhythmias, with the implementation of catheter ablation and the implantation of cardiac pacemakers and cardioverter-defibrillators for patients at high risk for sudden cardiac death. Traditionally we are among the top centers in Europe in the treatment of cardiac rhythm disorders and the treatment of chronic heart failure. According to the number of patients we treat, we are one of the largest centers in Europe. We perform interventional catheterization procedures in the treatment of acute myocardial infarction and chronic forms of angina pectoris, transcatheter closures of atrial septal defects and percutaneous left atrial appendage transcatheter occlusion in patients at risk of cerebral vascular accident (these procedures belong among the most unique procedures performed in the Czech Republic). Concerning the treatment of acute conditions in cardiology, we are focused on the treatment of sudden cardiac death, and were among the first institutions in the Czech Republic to apply temporary mechanical cardiac support in patients for whom standard therapy had failed. A unique program we provide is the care of adult patients with congenital heart defects, which provides care for patients from the entire country.

Despite the application of advanced technology, we strive to maintain a friendly and human approach to our patients, and professional team conduct to ensure their satisfaction.

Doc. MUDr. Petr Neužil, CSc., FESC
Chairman, Department of Cardiology

Information about the department

The Department of Cardiology is part of the Cardiocenter at Na Homolce Hospital and one of the largest hospital departments. We offer patients comprehensive conservative and minimally invasive treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Our department has at its disposal modern complex catheterization suites for the examination of coronary arteries and interventional treatment of acute myocardial infarction, a coronary unit, also the center for treatment of cardiac arrhythmias with outpatient and inpatient departments for the treatment of chronic cardiovascular diseases. The specialized heart failure unit is focused on the care of patients with these diseases. Part of cardiological outpatient care also includes outpatient monitoring in indicated patients. Specialized departments:

  • The multifunctional catheterization department equipped with a remotely navigated catheterization system is the most modern complex in the Czech Republic, and serves patients with cardiac rhythm disorders and advanced heart failure
  • The center for the treatment of cardiac rhythm disorders is one of the largest European departments in this field, according to the number of patients treated
  • The center for the treatment of chronic heart failure provides patients a wide spectrum of therapeutic procedures and a specialized outpatient clinic for outpatient monitoring
  • The center for the treatment of hypertension is concerned with the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of essential and secondary hypertension

JCI Accreditation - quality of care

Our team of doctors and nurses aims to provide patients the highest quality care possible. This is a priority throughout Na Homolce Hospital. This effort has been repeatedly rewarded by the prestigious JCI (Joint Commission International) international quality certification. To obtain JCI accreditation, our hospital must comply with more than 1500 indicators in diagnostics, treatment and hygiene, medical records and technical support services.