Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

Senior physician: Tibor Savel, MD


Mission of the Department

As an integral part of the Na Homolce Hospital, the Department provides a high-quality health care to children and adolescents within the general healthcare program of the hospital. It offers above-standard services to its patients and indirectly also to their family members and supports the friendly and professional approach of the staff and open and patient-oriented communication.

Activities of the Department:

  • Therapeutic and preventive care provided to children and adolescents – general practitioner for children and adolescents (specialization 002)
  • Consulting services in the field of paediatric care (specialization 301)
  • Specialized care in the field of paediatric neurology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, psychology, orthopedics, pneumology, nephrology and speech therapy
  • Therapeutic and preventive care provided to foreign nationals
  • Consulting services provided to children of foreign nationals
  • Healthcare stipulated by international treaties of the Czech Republic
  • Therapeutic and preventive care provided to clients of the commercial programme
  • Emergency service in the hospital



The Department of Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine is an outpatient unit without an inpatient section. It consists of:

  • 4 paediatric offices, of which one is a consulting office specialised in ultrasound examinations
  • 1 office of clinical speech therapist
  • 1 room for laboratory sample collection used also for emergency reanimation and isolation of infectious patients prior to their transport to infection inpatient ward
  • Rooms for staff members
  • A separate register of all patients of the Na Homolce Hospital aged 0-19 years (i.e. also for patients outside the Paediatric Department)
  • Hygienic facilities for all polyclinic units on the 1st floor
  • A room for collecting used laundry

Changes and events in 2017

  • The CRP OPRION examination continued to be used for rapid diagnosis of inflammatory diseases in order to provide effective pharmacological treatment of these conditions. In total, 1,405 of these examinations were performed. STREPTEST examinations for rapid diagnosis of Streptococcal infections were used extensively. In total, 977 of these examinations were performed.
  • The outpatient units of neurology and orthopedics pursued the established program of neuro-orthopedic screening focused on observation of patients, aimed at observation locomotor disorders. In cooperation with a paediatrician, the programme actively identifies, subsequently observes and treats disorders of gait coordination, postural and neurological disorders.
  • The endocrinology consulting centre, in cooperation with paediatric outpatient units, was involved in early detection of children with diagnosed intrauterine growth retardation. Their further follow-up is ensured by the Institute of Endocrinology. The consulting unit continued early diagnosing of juvenile thyreopathy.
  • The psychology consulting unit provided diagnostic services of the clinical psychologist, crisis intervention and long-term monitoring of the child’s psychological development.
  • Clinical speech therapy was provided to children registered in the Department as well as to children from other healthcare facilities in Prague and other regions.
  • Consulting services were provided by the paediatric gastroenterology outpatient unit, including ultrasound diagnosing of the gastrointestinal tract in children.
  • A new physician – V. Cirmanová, MD was hired to cover for a colleague on maternity leave, as well as two physician for a part-time job – T. Savel, MD. and Dodovová, MD. A new psychologist was hired during the year – Chválová, M.A.
  • Courses providing continuous training of physicians were organized.

Outlook for 2018

  • Admission of new patients of all age groups is foreseen. Economic activity will be carried out within the hospital flat rate and payment per capita for specialization 002. The Department should produce a stable number of scoring points, cooperate with the complementary services of the hospital and generate additional revenues within the commercial programme.
  • In-patient care of its patients will be ensured by the Department preferably in cooperation with the Clinic of Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine Ke Karlovu 2, Prague 2. Specialized examinations performed by our consultants will continue to be offered to physicians for children and adolescents from Prague 5. We have newly introduced examinations for sport purposes.
  • Vacancies will gradually be filled in by specialized physicians for duty service and continuous training will be further provided to physicians and nurses.
  • Dodovová, MD, started to work at 0.8 FTE on January 1, 2018 and Savel, MD, was appointed the main physician of the Department after Hejtmánková, MD.