Department of Stereotactic and Radiation Neurosurgery

Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Roman Liščák, MD, CSc.

The Department of Stereotactic and Radiation Neurosurgery at Na Homolce Hospital opened in October 1992. Our department specializes in stereotactic neurosurgery (minimally invasive procedures), primarily targeted radiotherapy using the Leksell gamma knife. Additionally we obtain diagnostic samples of brain tissue (biopsy), provide functional stereotactic procedures - the diagnostic introduction of brain electrodes (e.g., in epilepsy), the implantation stimulation treatment systems (deep brain stimulation) in patients with various movement disorders (Parkinson disease, various forms of tremor, dystonia), and interventions in deep brain structures in the treatment of pain and similar disorders.

The Gamma knife was purchased in 1992 by nationwide collection, organized by Foundation Charter 77, and became the busiest unit of its kind in the world, completing 10,500 radiosurgical operations by November 2009. In November 2009 the old unit was replaced by the most modern, fully robotic version Perfexion, acquired by a government grant. This innovation allows further improvements the treatment of our patients, and most importantly, expands the treatment options in cancer patients with brain metastases. In recent years, about 800 patients are treated by gamma knife annually at our department, making us one of the busiest centers in the world.

The total number of operations carried out by gamma knife and the percentage of different diagnostic groups treated between October 1992 and December 31, 2009 are given in the following chart.

Head of Department of Stereotactic and Radiation Neurosurgery
Tel.: +420 257 272 917