Treatments for diseases of the brain, base of skull, spine, spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system make up one of the key specialties of Na Homolce Hospital. Our department is an officially designated Comprehensive Cerebrovascular Centre (providing medical care to patients who have suffered a cerebrovascular accident) and the only medical facility in the Czech Republic equipped with a Leksell Gamma Knife. Our neurosurgeons focus on four key areas of treatment: neuro-oncological (tumour) surgery, neurovascular surgery (surgeries of the brain vessels), spinal surgery and functional neurosurgery (particularly the surgical treatment of epilepsy). For maximum patient safety, they use special operating procedures that eliminate the possibility of damage to brain tissue and the nervous system.

  • Cerebral vascular programme
  • Neuro-oncological programme
  • Spinal surgery programme
  • Leksell Gamma Knife programme
  • Epileptology and epileptic surgery programme