Department of Cardiac Surgery

The Cardiac Surgery Department is a key part of the Cardiac Centre of Na Homolce Hospital and closely cooperates with the departments of cardiology, vascular surgery, radiology or cardiac anaesthesiology. It deals with the surgical treatment of acquired or congenital heart diseases.

It covers the entire spectrum of cardiac surgical procedures with the exception of transplantation. Patients here are offered treatment methods that meet the modern standards of Western medicine and reflect the latest findings in cardiac surgery for heart disease. Our department specializes mainly in aortic surgery - surgical treatment of aortic stenosis (narrowing) or aortic regurgitation (non-compaction), problems of thoracic aneurysms (aneurysms), surgical treatment of heart rhythm disorders, severe conditions after myocardial infarctions and others.

We specialize in sparing surgical solutions such as valve replacement surgeries such as valve replacement, reconstruction or robotic heart surgery.

In addition to the professional medical care guaranteed by an erudite team of doctors and nurses, we take great care to ensure that patients in our department feel comfortable, are fully informed about their condition and that we make their return to normal life as easy as possible.