Specialized centers

Specialized centers at Na Homolce Hospital are either focused on treating specific diseases or the use of specific technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Patients are offered the comprehensive care including a multidisciplinary team of specialists from various hospital departments.

Center for robotic surgery
In 2005, Na Homolce Hospital opened the first center for robotic surgery in the Czech Republic, equipped with the da Vinci surgical system.

Epilepsy center
The epilepsy center offers specialized care for patients suffering from epilepsy, is among the largest in the Czech Republic, and offers comprehensive treatment options including Epileptosurgery.

Center for the treatment of aortic disease
Offers a top team of specialists available 24 hours a day, advanced diagnostics and treatments for all diseases and injuries of the largest artery in the human body.

Center for sleep disorders
Provides diagnosis and treatment of a wide spectrum of disorders of sleep and wakefulness in adults.

Center for pulmonary bronchoscopy
The center for pulmonary bronchoscopy provides patients with comprehensive endoscopic diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases. Has a unique assembly of instruments at its disposition and uses advanced endoscopic techniques.

Comprehensive cerebrovascular center
This center is focused on the treatment of stroke, caused by either arterial occlusion or bleeding in the brain. A number of sophisticated methods are employed.

Comprehensive cardiovascular center
This center is focused on the treatment of cardiovascular diseases - diseases of the heart and blood vessels. A range of modern investigative techniques are utilized under one roof to determine an accurate diagnosis and provide a wide range of treatments. Cooperating departments include the Department of Cardiac Surgery, the Department of Cardiology, the Department of Vascular Surgery and the Department of Cardiac Anesthesiology.