Awards & Certifications

JCI 2017 Nemocnice na Homolce

JCI Certificates

One of the basic pillars of the stability of the hospital is the quality of health care, the safety of health care and the prevention of risks. We gained the international accreditation from Joint Commission International (JCI) for the fifth time in May 2017.


ISO 9001 Nemocnice na Homolce

ISO 9001 Certificates

Since 2004, the Department of Nuclear Medicine has implemented a quality management system according to ISO 9001 for its activities: Provision of diagnostic services by laboratory methods of immunoassay and imaging methods - scintigraphy, computational, single-photon and positron emission tomography (CT, SPECT, PET/CT), including the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals. The ISO certification requirements include not only improving quality in relation to patients, but also in relation to the safety of our staff. The aim of this quality management system is the early detection and elimination of various risks which thus leads to increased safety in the provision of health care.

ISO 13485 Nemocnice na Homolce

ISO 13485 Certificates

Central Sterilization Department - subject of accreditation: Sterilization and disinfection of medical devices.

ISO 15189 Nemocnice na Homolce

ISO 15189 Certificates

The ISO 15189 standard "Medical Laboratories — Requirements for Quality and Competence" already indicates by its name that the focus thereof is on the professional side of laboratory management (passage of laboratory samples, conditions of collection, collection of biological material, issuance, interpretation of results or safety and ethics of laboratory work). Accreditation of the quality management system in the laboratory means an increase in confidence in maintaining the required level of quality of the services provided.