Na Homolce Hospital is a major medical facility offering qualified and technologically advanced treatment not only for cardiovascular and neurological-neurosurgical diseases. The donations you provide us with contribute mainly to improving the quality of health care for our patients and ensuring the effectiveness of treatment of various diseases. The Hospital Na Homolce would like to thank all its donors.

How to make a donation

Both natural and legal persons can be donors. Donations can be financial or in kind. In order to ensure the transparency of the procedure, it is necessary to first conclude a written donation agreement in order to make a donation. Please complete the highlighted points in the contract, including the purpose of your donation. If you require a different type of contract (e.g. English language contract), please contact the hospital via email:

The contract can be delivered to the hospital in the following ways:

  1. by sending three signed originals of the donation agreement to the delivery address of the Hospital Na Homolce, Roentgenova 37/2, 150 30 Prague 5;
  2.  by sending the contract via a data box, the data box ID of the Hospital Na Homolce: jb4gp8f;
  3. by sending a scan of the signed contract to the e-mail address:

You can also sign the contract in person at the relevant department to which you want to donate.

Financial donations should be sent after signing the contract to the account designated for the management of donations number 123-17734051/0710. If the name of the donor is not obvious from the name of your account, please include it in the transaction message.

Donations intended to pay for staff training, expenses related to staff participation in professional events, or travel expenses must be made to the Training and Development Fund, account number 20001-17734051/0710.

Please note that in order to prevent corruption at the Na Homolce Hospital, it is not possible to make a donation to a specific individual (donations can only be linked to their use by a specific department or the entire hospital).

Donation confirmation, donation overview

We would like to assure you that Na Homolce Hospital keeps separate accounting records in relation to the donations received and will therefore be able to provide you with a donation receipt and the relevant tax documents proving how your donation was used upon your request. You will also find below on this page an overview of the donations received by Na Homolce Hospital.

Finally, let us stress once again that we appreciate all donations and thank you for choosing Na Homolce Hospital as a recipient.