Endowment Trust

The Homolka Endowment Trust was founded in 1998. It aims to provide support to medical trends of the 21st century in specialties that make a significant contribution to saving and improving human lives. State-of-the-art specialized medicine is supported, in particular, as part of the main clinical programs of the Na Homolce Hospital. It seeks to create one of the best European specialized hospitals throughout a large region. This provides a broad range of diagnostic and treatment methodology especially in the areas of cardio-vascular diseases and clinical neurosciences. In order to reach its goal, the hospital uses its potential in research, international cooperation and other areas.

  • Patients who come to the Na Homolce Hospital from different parts of the country, as well as from abroad, are provided with excellent professional care as part of professionally and financially demanding cardio-vascular treatment or the treatment of brain, medullar or spinal diseases and injuries.
  • However, first-class medical care requires investments both in the renewal of existing devices and the introduction of modern technological procedures using state-of-the-art knowledge as it is the case in similar healthcare facilities in Europe and elsewhere. *The Homolka Endowment Trust is one of the sources to fund the development of state-of-the-art medical techniques and technologies.
  • Through departments of the Na Homolce Hospital, technologies funded by the Endowment Trust serve our patients from different regions of the Czech Republic. Thanks to the effective use of devices and technical facilities, services are provided to a large number of patients.
  • In June 2007, the Homolka Endowment Trust became a member of the Endowment Trust Association.


Tel.: +420 607 654 276
Email: nadacni.fond@homolka.cz