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We opened new modern gastroenterology premises

The Na Homolce Hospital in the internal ward inaugurated new premises of the gastroenterology department. Patients will have access to better endoscopic care with more comfortable facilities. Working conditions will also improve for the medical staff.

Na Homolce Hospital is continuously strengthening its diagnostic programme and the reconstruction of the gastroenterology department is a logical step aimed at providing modern care to a larger number of patients. "Early diagnosis and cancer prevention is one of the priorities of healthcare. Our hospital has the advantage of comprehensiveness and direct continuity of care. We can offer patients both general diagnosis and subsequent surgical and oncological treatment. We have invested not only in instrumentation, but we also wanted to provide patients with more comfortable facilities for endoscopic examinations," comments Petr Polouček, M.D., Director of the Hospital Na Homolce, on the modernisation of gastroenterology.   

During endoscopic procedures, it is possible to use carbon dioxide insufflation instead of regular air, thanks to which the examination (e.g. colonoscopy) can be performed faster and less painfully. Patients also have a more comfortable recovery room, which allows analgosedation to be administered to all who wish it.

The gastroenterology department has a new post-procedure observation room, new procedure suites for gastroscopy and colonoscopy procedures, better and larger hygiene facilities and better distribution of the different examination rooms or central oxygen distribution and suction.

The head of the internal medicine department, Pavel Hrouda, MD, adds that thanks to the reconstruction, the internal medicine department will now have adequate facilities for administering biological treatment.  

"We will make the most of the modernisation and expansion of gastroenterology and would like to further expand the new modern endoscopic methods used to remove large and deeply growing polyps in the intestinal wall. Our goal is also to increase the number of screening colonoscopies and thus shorten the ordering time," adds the head of the internal medicine department.   

The reconstruction and modernisation of the gastroenterology operation was financed from the hospital's own financial resources.


Endoscopy An examination method of the body cavities and hollow organs that allows biopsies to be taken - samples taken for further examination. This method is not burdensome for the patient due to the flexible instruments and is performed on an outpatient basis.