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We inaugurated PET/MR

From today, Na Homolce Hospital has a PET/MR - a unique diagnostic device especially for oncological diseases.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Minister of Health Prof. Vlastimil Válek and other distinguished guests.

PET/MR combines positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging and appropriately complements PET/CT examinations by providing a lot of additional information about the structure, condition of soft tissues and metabolism.

Suitable indications for this hybrid examination are cancers in the small pelvis, such as prostate cancer. Furthermore, pathologies in the head and neck of the breast or neurological or cardiological indications. Another advantage of PET/MR is that the radiation burden from the CT component of the examination is eliminated.  This makes the device particularly suitable for the investigation of children and younger individuals.

"With the new PET/MR device, Na Homolce Hospital complements its already extensive diagnostic potential, which forms one of the main pillars of our hospital's clinical activity. However, the results of state-of-the-art devices are always backed up by the experience of our diagnostic physicians, who can provide the treating physicians with essential information needed to plan targeted treatment. Over the past five years, we have invested more than half a billion crowns in our diagnostic programme," says Petr Polouček, the hospital's director.

The hospital was the third in the country to acquire PET MRI after the University Hospital Brno and the University Hospital Pilsen. It covers the area of Prague, Central Bohemia and other regions.