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We opened the newly renovated ARO

Na Homolce Hospital today inaugurated the newly renovated and modernised Department of Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation. After the Department of General Surgery, this is another project of modernisation of the hospital's inpatient wards. 

Thanks to the building modifications, the capacity of the ARO department has been expanded and a new three-bed box has been built, which increases the number of beds to ten. In addition to the total reconstruction of the patient boxes, new floors, ceilings, lighting and new built-in furniture were installed throughout the ward. All "hidden" technologies such as air conditioning, cooling, data and electrical networks are also new. In the near future, the data networks on the boxes will allow direct use of data from the instrumentation and monitors in the hospital information system, thus moving closer to more digitised documentation.

The staff welfare facilities have also been renovated. "The inpatient section of the ARO has been used without major modifications since the hospital opened. The reconstruction brings us an improvement in the technical condition of the department and better conditions for the care of patients in critical condition. The increase in bed capacity should improve the availability of intensive care, especially for surgical patients. Many thanks to all those who participated in the reconstruction," comments the head of the ARO, Viktor Kubricht, MD, PhD.

"I am very pleased that another important project has been successfully completed and we can continue planning and implementing the reconstruction of inpatient areas in other departments in order to improve the conditions for our patients and employees", says the hospital director, Petr Polouček, M.D., MBA.